Saturday, July 21, 2007

Amazing Grace

Well, let's see, last time I posted we were headed home. We finally made it on Saturday night 12:30am. Oh yes we did! A final tally left us 11 (eleven) incidents in 3 long days. We were so thrilled to be home and my hubby is feeling like a ton of weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

We had an awesome church service on Sunday morning then Satan attacked at lunch. To the point of break down for Nick. I have never seen him like that before and it really scared me.

It has been a week full of mixed emotions. (literally) Ups and downs, inside out and right side up. Yet, in the midst of it I am at peace and trusting God to be faithful. He knows we still exsist and is watching out for us. I don't know what God's plans are next for us, but I know that I am completely content and also love my life as it is. That is to say, that is usually when God uproots us and sends us into new territory, at least that is how the past has played out. I hope not. I hope it's a new direction that keeps us here. In this place. Yet, I know that I will only be complete when I am in His will for my life. So, we wait and see.

I am loving summer and we have a spanish student from Girona, Spain staying with us for 6 weeks. He is 15 and so much fun. His english is very good and he has loved going trucking with Nick two different times. (once to missouri, and another to Ohio) I enjoy having a teenager around but boy can he eat. I'm not used to that! I'm trying to keep us with the stock of food, I don't want to send him back all skin and bones now. He already has said it will be hard to leave. But I definetely can see us taking a trip to visit him someday, I hope.

Busy, Busy, that is what we are but I love it.

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