Friday, July 13, 2007

HOT, HOT, HOT! Did you hear me, HOT! It was blazing HOT in Port Sulpher, Louisiana. We worked on packing up all the equipment but had to take a break every hour. A gatorade and air condition break. It had to be 100 degrees and all that humid. YUCK! We got out of there by 11:00pm. It was a slow going day.

We brought a pastor friend of ours along to drive a truck. I think it was more than he bargained for. But we have truly enjoyed the fellowship and sharpening on one another. I pray blessings upon him and his family for sacraficing this week to come with us.

See, once all this is brought home, Hubby can focus on the next phase of what God has for us. This will no longer hang over his head. A big Praise the Lord. I have been all smiles cause I know how much a burden this has been on all of us and even though it has been a trip back from "the hot firey place!" We are in good spirits actually. What a testimony of God's peace.

It is Friday and we have been working our way back to wisconsin since Wed. Night. Just a recap of what has transpired the last three days (If I can remember due to the lack of sleep) We were 20 miles from the equipment when a major belt went out on the pick-up truck, 1 am, wednesday. A friendly "not sure if I can do it" police man eventually got us a ride to the lot where we had another truck. We slept for about 6 hours and where up in the HEAT all day packing up and running for parts. Good ol'e Napa. We left Wed. night and drove out of louisiana. 2am we pulled over, our little caravan of two dump trucks and two pick-ups one with a camper. Hubby and I slept in truck to wake up Thur. morning to the screaching sound of another broken belt and no air conditioning. Another 4 hr. delay. We go about 2 hours and get pulled over by DOT inspector. Not to bad of a fine. Well I won't bore you with any more details just that it's friday and we are now in Missouri sitting at another scale and being inspected and jerked around. But we love the Lord and are only a little anxious about making it back for church on Sunday. WE will right? Ya got to roll with the punches.

A seems to be a typical day in the life for us! Pray for us to have favor and make it home soon!

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