Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So yesterday I found out that I need to find a new OB/GYN cause my current changed/dropped my provider. UGHHHG! I loved my doctor. I think we were on a new path of figuring me out and now I have to find someone new. So pray for me that I find the right doctor who can fix all my chemical imbalance issues and maybe even eliminate the monthly headache:-) That would be nice.

Thought Provoking

The seasons are turning over again. School is starting, the leaves are turning colors and I am left to ponder how awesome God is. Today I seen a stream of lights coming through a dark cloud. I thanked the Lord for revealing His Glory to me in that instant. How awesome and powerful He is. And the world around is so dark and unknown to His light.

I had a precious few moments alone today in the car and I just sang a new love song to Him. I so want to be restored. Renewed and Refreshed. I am looking forward to the change in Season and the change He wants to do in me.

God is Good and He loves me!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Sad days to come (for me)

As you can see J is very proud of his new spidyman lunch box that comes with it's own sandwich container!! He talks about going back to school for 5K with excitement to the point of actually agreeing to go to bed at "school" bedtime. (starting at 8pm with a book and prayers).
Here's a conversation between Nick and J.
Nick: "Are you excited about school starting, bud?"
J: "yah, but momma's not."
Nick: "Why?"
J; "cause she's gonna miss me."
That's right folks, half days were just fine but this whole day business and they need a nap mat, what's with that? Then it's just too long a day for them. Besides B is going to miss him terribly too. They have played together so well this summer it's actually amazing. No, I don't want him gone for 8.5 hrs. out of the day. He gets home and has 4hrs and 20min. with me before bed.
It will be a terrible adjustment for me. But on the flip side, it's great for him. And really it will be good for B and I. To have that quality time together as mother and daughter. All that shopping time we will have and manicures, and cleaning house. Cause she loves all those things. I'm afraid I might create a little mama's girl to the extreme! But it will be fun.
But I will miss my guy!!