Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hard Times/God's Blessings

When your going through those hard times, it's hard to come up with something cheerful to post. Or even worth reading. I am finding it hard to see all the good when 2007 is turning into one of the worst years since 1997. What is with that? When we speak we seem to only speak about all the negative incidents and never remember what is good. So today I am going to list all of God's blessings upon us and know that He has not forsaken us.

1. An awesome wonderful loving Husband
2. Two beautiful kids who make me smile daily.
3. A beautiful home in the country
4. An awesome God who does love me and will provide
5. Church people who love us no matter what our faults
6. The words "I Love you!" from a two year old (and 5yrs old)
7. Hugs
8. My mom and dad
9. We own our truck
10. Internet and blogs!
11. Comfortable new sofa and king size Bed! Yah!!!
12. Mary Kay Makeup!!
13. A garden getting ready to booom! with tomatoes!!
14. Summer squash and cucumbers.
15. Just Enough for today! That's what God promises.

I am so thankful Heavenly Father for your blessings in my life. You know me and keep me safe. Thankyou for providing exactly what me and my family needs. Each day is your manna poured out. Help to keep the faith and trust you! You are my God! I love You! Amen

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