Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fun and Games

I went into the shop to work for a short while, leaving the repair guys at the house to bang away on sub-floors and ceiling tiles. Which is going very well and quickly. Again, it puts to rest all my theories about just "popping it together" or "whipping it into place" . These guys make it all look so easy. My poor husband has been telling me for years it takes time to get things done. The laugh is on him right now. I think I be enjoying this "hire" the work out idea from now on! Honey can go right on working and I'll be a hiring:-)

Anyhoo, after all emerceny crisis tasks were dealt with it was nice to come home and relax. To maybe spend some quality time with the kids. After watching Super Nanny last night I was feeling a little guilty for not playing with my kids enough. So I busted out some of the games we have around here. They are mostly games from my childhood that I couldn't bear mom throwing out and so I have them. They are great games but much to my dismay, many little pieces are now missing making play hard. Imagine playing "Cats Eye" with 4 marbles (when there should be about 40. Oh, the kids had a blast anyway seeing who could get the 4 first. You got to love a 4 & 2yr old!!

So once we determined that that was enough, I found some chalk and we played hop-scotch on the kitchen floor. It worked great since it's all press board right now and it had pre-scored squares on it. I drew the boxes and numbered them. Then we used peanuts in the shell for our marker except the dog kept sneaking them off and eating them. We resorted to hot pads. They worked great.

Needless to say it was a much more productive time with the kids and the day ended with a good night book and kisses.

Children are a precious gift from God.

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