Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wow, what can I say.... 2007 is here and God is already doing amazing things from what looked hopeless. That little New Years Eve incedent, you know that little water fall, well it looks like we are going to get all new carpet upstairs in the laundry room and down the stairs and the entire basement. Plus, are you ready, new kitchen flooring. Yeh!!!! Water seeped under the wall and under the lenolium causing damage also. Whoda thunk. A little hose problem to all new flooring. Now it's time to go shopping.
But the coolist part is that it's something we have wanted to do since we decided to put the house up for sale. Lack of funds and time left us to sell as is with an option to include new stuff. Now we can have it all done on the insurance and not have to loose any dollars on the sale of the home. God knew what he was doing all along. We have to just learn to be patient and in His time. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next.

On a different note, tonight we had some friends over that have two little boys age 5 and 3. Ever since we knew that B. was a girl they have predicted there youngest and her together. We'll B. had stars in her eyes tonight when she looked at him. She ran round all flirty like all night long. She's only 23 months old. Daddy already says he's worried about her. It was so cute though to see her personality starting to bloom. J. played hard all night as spiderman, his new love. Shooting spiderwebs all over the house. Needless to say they both crashed hard tonight at bedtime. Yeh for me.

Now to pack up all things needing to be moved for the new installation starting tomorrow. Late night ahead, Endless construction for the next few weeks.

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