Friday, January 25, 2008

It's been awhile.....

Oh yes, it has been quite awhile! But who can contend with life and all it's happenings. I won't back track but just start to pick up with today, tomorrow, and the future.

We are very immersed in snow this year. Much more than we've had in quite a few years. It is actually very beautiful and I am enjoying all of God's creation in it. I enjoy it most from the living room. It would be picturesque if I had the fireplace and hot cocoa with a big snuggly blankie covering me while it snowed. So, that is on my hubby's to do list for next year. (The fireplace) Oh how I would love one that crackled and popped by the warm and glow of wood. But DH has informed me that a gas one would be better. Insurance stays where it is and we don't have to collect wood. So for now, this season in our life, I will settle for a gas fireplace.

We are going away for the weekend to Family Winter Retreat. The kids are so excited that they are dressed, coats, hats, boots, and we are not nearly ready to leave. J's big deal is the bunkbeds at camp. He loves sleeping in one. That is also on the DH to do list for spring. This years theme is Hawaiian. I am anxious to see how that plays out in ZERO degree weather. BRRRRRRR.
I'll fill you in when we get home. I'm sure that lots of memorable things will take place with a soon to be 3 and 6 year old.
We have birthday's come in the next two months for both kids. B's in February and J's in March. I am looking forward to planning and preparing for them. I always make their cakes. This year B wants a Dora cake so I have to start planning now for that one.

God is good and we rejoice in his many blessings in our life. 2008 is going to be GREAT!!!

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