Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well the first day of school is down and we are on to day two. I think all went better than we all expected. J said that the day was long but went fast?! That's good, I think. It's hard to believe he's only 5, and he got on the school bus like a trouper, like old hat, and marched right into a full day of school with no reservations! They grow up so fast. I love every growing, changing moment and yet I don't want them to grow up! You know?

B and I found plenty to fill our day, including playgroup and a visit to J's new classroom. He was very excited to see us! I just love his teacher. All smiles and bubbly and a christian! Yahh!! When he got home he was a bit tired but shortly after supper he informed me that he got his energy back and was off to ride his bike all around. He even started shoveling sand into the trailer for the sand box. Some how I got snaggled into helping and finishing that load. Only about 10 more loads to go:-( Boy do I ache today from all that physical labor:-)

Sorry this is so scattered of a post. I am really trying to decide what to talk about because there is just oh so many things I could tell you, like how my body aches and the weather is crummy, school is here, how I will spend my day, church, etc, etc, but I won't bore you with the outline I will just try to come up with something a bit interesting and informative.

Oh, the youth in us, (Nick and I) are heading to Six Flags Great America this weekend, in Ill.
I'm not sure what I was thinking. The last time we did that I couldn't handle the dizziness my head was sending out and my stomach became a bit weak, if you know what I mean. Yet for the sake of my husband, motherinlaw and aunt, I will go. You read that right my MIL.! She buys a season pass along with her sister every year! They love the rides. So for that sake of not being a party pooper, I will put on my reading glasses (cause that might help) take some dramamine, and push for a hotel with a pool the night before:-)) I will endure this burden. (plus a day without kids) What girl wouldn't trade a little motion sickness for such luxuries.

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