Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring Blooms!

Spring is here.....I think. It was 80 degrees on Thursday and then the last two days we barely hit 65. A little burrrrr. But things are turning a nice green! We live in the woods and once fall comes and the leaves all fall to the blessed ground where we get the pleasure of racking up mounds of leaves, including blisters and all, the neighborhood is revealed and we can see all the wonderful neighbors we have.

Yesterday I looked out the patio doors and said, "ooh, the neighbors are gone!" The trees have filled out and brought privacy to the north woods again:-)

I love the newness of the season. When the grass turns a rich green and the trees begin to fill in. It brings with it new life and a new sense of urgency for me too. Urgent for what... I'm not really sure. But God knows and I love anticipation. It means that nothing is stagnant but always changing, growing, becoming better. And that's what I want for me too. Thank you Lord

I am blessed. I am loved. I am desired. I am who God wants me to be. And nothing or no one can take that from me. Brenda found me and blessed me with her words of comfort. I think too, that this was no accident for her to find me and I know that God allows things to happen to grow us and protect us. I am looking forward to what He has in store for my future. Like the blooming buds of spring, so new, fragile, beautiful and weather many storms, I feel a little like them.

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