Monday, July 9, 2007

Louisiana, here we come!!

Did Imention we are no longer young and crazy? Yet we act as such. I often times tell my husband that there is NO ONE out there as crazy or has as crazy a lifestyle as we do.

So tonight 10:15pm now, we are loading the truck and mind you hubby is checking the brakes to make sure they are in working order (good thing, don't ya think?) to head to louisiana. Straight thru. about a 24 hour drive. Did I mention how young we are? (not)

But I don't have the kids and that is such an exciting thing. I will do just about anything for a break. Like the fact that while I was waiting for the finally touches of truck repair to take place, I hopped on the riding lawn mower, flipped on the lights, and mowed the front yard!! With a great big smile and a thought, "I don't have any kids!"

So soon we should be pulling out and picking up 2 other guys to hike down there with us.

We will be bringing back 2 dump trucks, a truck and camper, and a truck and trailer. We have wrapped up this part of life as we have known it in Louisiana and I am very happy and relieved.
2 years of trying to rebuild (after Katrina) the financial end of it has not payed off and we are just as good as at home. So home they come to work locally.

If you've ever been married to a workaholic/dreamer. You will understand my excitement for an end to come. (I sometimes feel there is never and ending point with the constant tugboat steamer that my hubby is!) But I love him for working so hard and I know that God will reward him for being steady and faithful.

Well, off we go. I'll update through out the week of our progress.
We hope to be in Louisiana tomorrow night.

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