Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"Together in this place of worship you're glory we proclaim!"

My heart has been resounding with worship these past few days. I love it. It does such wonderful things for my attitude and spirit. It's food for my soul. I just recently ordered "Glory revealed" worship CD on recommendation from Boomama, but because of that I think, it has already been backordered:-(

My thoughts and prayers have been with Heather today. I can't wait to hear what the doctors say. I have prayed healing in Jesus name for her and I believe! She has been such a blessing to me in her words she writes and the music she posts.

On Friday we will be burying my sister in law. It is a heavy week for me and the family. Spring is in the air and yet we have a time to mourn, again. Oh how I wish all the answers were revealed so we can move in them instead of always trying to trust that God has our best interest at hand. The weather has been nice but friday is turning into a dreary rainy day. Perfect for the circumstances, harder on all of us. I pray that the weather man is wrong and it would turn out to be a sunny day. For all of us.

Well, enough of this depressing post. I am going to try and make a sincere effort to post more regulary and more entertainingly.

Until then

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