Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thought Provoking

I absolutely love the new mom's of grace website! It is exciting to be able to meet and interact with other christian women! I've been spending quite a bit of time over there being encouraged and encouraging.

They have an online bible study going and I am looking forward to really being involved in it.
We are discussing "Grace" and the question was posed, "what is it to be a mom of grace". It truly is humbling to think that God has given me the greatest responsibility to raise my children to love and serve Him. To point them to the Savior.

I have been challenged this week by the public school system and I will not be defeated.
I have struggled for a while about homeschooling or public. My husband and I were both public schooled and turned out just fine. We're even in the ministry. We figure we are strong natured and so our kids will be too.

But as mom, it is and has been my responsibility to nurture, train, .... love my kids. Sending my 4 yr old to 4k was hard but I knew he needed to learn the structure environment of schooling and I did not have the patients to mold him into that. I wanted to be a happy mama, not the crazy crabby mama from long days of disciplining for school. But that's another post another time.

Anyway back to the challenge. They want to teach my child about "touching" and "good and bad feelings" and on down the road. You get the picture. We went to the parent meeting and they assure us it's age appropriate. And yet, I am very sickened and uneasy. It is my responsiblity to teach him morals and circumstances.... and to know when he is old enough to handle this kind of information. So we are having a planned vacation the week of this "teaching". He will love to be absent and we are looking forward to going to Lousiana with daddy for the week.

But all this to say, that again I was reminded of the incredible responsibility God has given me in raising my children and I am very inadequate without His grace and knowledge.
Thank you Lord for giving me discernment and wisdom! Amen.

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